How FreeFong Works

The idea behind FreeFong is that a user is looking for an item or wanting to get rid of a useable item for free to local folks. Also known as freecycling.

Posting your stuff

FreeFong was made for you to be able to post your stuff with ease. As an active user you can post stuff to your local area.

FreeFong is mobile friendly, even posting images directly from the camera works on most modern mobile devices.

As other users visit the site, they then browse your posted stuff and if interested, contact you through the messaging part of FreeFong.

When you receive a message, you will receive an email notification. When messaging, your email address is protected and you give out only the information you feel comfortable giving. Your email address is never revealed to the other party.

Your listing will stay active for about thirty days or until it is fulfilled, canceled or expired.

Find out more about posting items here.

Looking for free items

If you are looking to see what is posted in your area, browse your way to the locations of interest. As an active user you can join a location to receive email notifications of new posts and to send messages to users on items you are interested in.

Find out more about joining locations here.

Find out more about messages here.